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  1. Shopping local is so important to me and let me tell you why. The cycle of joy! Whats this you might ask? Well when you shop small from a local or independent business is starts the cycle of joy, from when the maker creates the product this brings them joy, to you browsing for the perfect gift, to the person receiving it joy has run through the whole process not to mention it literally changes the lives of the small business owners. I have put together a Devonmade Christmas Gift Guide to help you decide what to buy this year. 


    1. Wild Rising - Organic skincare created in Torquay. Wild Rising comes from a passion for clean, organic and earth derived ingredients, founder Dani sees self care as one of the most important parts of the day. She  encourages you to take time for yourself, connect with nature and explore the natural, organic and vegan ingredients. 

    Screenshot 2022-11-15 at 21.41.55

    Explore Wild Rising Here

    2. Soapersudz - All natural soap and skincare handmade in Paignton. Soapersudz produce eighteen completely unique variants of handmade soap. All of their soaps are made the traditional way (a process called Cold Pressed) and are cured for a minimum of four to six weeks to ensure the bars are the best possible quality. They focus on essential oil and dried botanical/herbal pairings to maximise the natural skin health benefits and not the aesthetical value.

    Screenshot 2022-11-15 at 21.42.57

    Explore Soapersudz Here


    1. Pineapple Fibre Art - Contemporary crochet art for your home. Kits containing hoop, yarn, ribbon, pattern and chart to make a beautiful piece of wall art.


    Explore Pineapple Fibre Art Kits Here

    2. Pom Stitch Tassel -  Pom Pom craft kits designed in Newton Abbot. The main ethos behind Pom Stitch Tassel is to inspire the next generation of creatives, bringing old crafts back to life and educating youngsters the importance of craft.


    Explore Pom Stitch Tassel Here


    1. Creatively Colourful Me -  Vibrant Pom Poms from headbands, to Christmas baubles Annie creates the most beautiful tactile and pretty accessories from her home studio in Exmouth.


    Explore Creatively Colourful Me

    2. Made by Charlie - Beautiful hair accessories from luxury velvet scrunchies, handmade resin clips and vibrant claw clips. Charlie has an amazing range of hair accessories and even makes heatless curlers which are this years must have product.


    Explore Made by Charlie Here

    Candles & Wax Melts

    1. Ems Place - Coconut wax and eco spa products. 100% vegan and palm free Em produces a beautiful range of candles, wax melts and bath bombs from her home studio in the coastal city of Plymouth.

    Screenshot 2022-11-15 at 21.51.02

    Explore Ems Place Here

    2. Way to Glow - Caitlin is the wax melt queen of Paignton with all the best scents and a hug collection of wax melt snap bars. The Christmas scents are divine.


    Explore Way to Glow Here


    1. Robins Attic Designs - Bespoke textiles made in Devon. Ella creates the most wonderful range of soft furnishings, cushions, bunting, Christmas stockings and wheatbags from luxury fabrics including stunning prints Sophie Alport.


    Explore Robins Attic Designs Here 

    2. Handmade by Libby -  Libby hand paints her designs in watercolour and has her own range of fabrics from these creations. These watercolours make up an exquisite range of Christmas stockings and cards wth luxury foil detailing.

    Screenshot 2022-11-15 at 21.54.50

    Explore Handmade by Libby Here


    1. Wild Art by Carrie -  As a wild swimming addict and artist Carrie has combined both of her passions to bring you some unique artwork and gifts with wild swimmers in mind. All gifts are illustrated and printed by Carrie in her Devon studio.

    Screenshot 2022-11-15 at 21.59.40

    Explore Wild Art by Carrie Here

    2. Rocket & Rhino - Bespoke Jesmonite homeware handmade in Devon by Selina. Absoluelty beautiful one of a kind pieces made in jesmonite and terrazzo. Coasters, dishes, vases, platters and quirky decor. 

    Screenshot 2022-11-15 at 22.00.54

    Exlore Rocket and Rhino Here

    Lastly I produce my own ranges of gifts and Christmas items. Some of my favourite and most popular sellers in my Devon shop are my preston prints. Digital illustrations of my favuourite Devon beach. I love a personalised Christmas item and I offer a range of stockings, Christmas eve bags and sacks all made in my shop to order.


    Explore Devonmade Prints Here


    Explore Personalised Christmas Items Here

    Have fun exploring these wonderful Devon businesses, everything mentioned is stocked in the Devonmade Studio & Shop based at 1b Old Torquay Road Paignton. If youd like to see it in the flesh, touch and smell the scents. For more information on any items please contact me (Sarah Anderson) [email protected] or call 07807366909.

    Sarah x


  2. I went to my first reiki session today with Jill Tucker Reiki Practictioner  as she is a new client im creating a brand for. "Reiki is the perfect way to relax while your body beneifts from natural healing. The healing energies of reiki enable you to develop a more positive mental and physical well-being." Jill used gentle hand movements with the intention to guide the flow of healthy energy through my body to reduce stress and promote healing. After the session she explains what she has found out. Without me telling Jill she was able to read that my sacral chakra was over loaded. 

    What does this mean? Well in short terms I'm doing to much (prob shouldnt be sat here writing a blog at 8pm haha) My head is overloaded with things running 100 miles an hour and this is so true of being a mum and being self employed. My brain never stops, the constant school emails, jobs and being at work as well as running a house not to mention being a creative person who always has ideas for things ... something has to give.

    One of the main reasons I want to work for myself is that I have flexibility but I found myself saying I can't go to sports day as I'm to busy?! Thats' the trouble though you don't mind taking the time off when you work for someone else but when you work for yourself you have so much to get done. Don't get me wrong I absolutely LOVE what I do, I love my work, my shop and everything I've created I just dont want to burnout.

    Jill said I must start my day asking myself what is the one thing im going to do for me today? Then build your day around that. As a parent of 3 and working I can't remember the last day off I had alone without a child. When I had to think of activities I could do for ME I couldn't really think of any. 

    The reiki talks about balancing the shakras, we need to be balanced or we may tumble down ie burnout. 

    So I'm going to change my mindset and realise that I am just as important as everything else. So I'm going to do some things for me and I think that is going to start with some watercolour. I love to paint with watercolour and havent done it since lockdown. I need some more ideas though...

    What do you do for me time?